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Episode 14: Bomb Scares and French Fry Missiles

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 05/18/2016

This is a full episode but you should stop right now and go listen to all the Freebirds because they are very good. 

Segment 1

Bomb scare at the state Capitol. There’s barely any time to make a 1,000 piece slideshow about it. This is actually one of the least dangerous “visions from God” that happen in Baton Rouge. A lot of bomb scares turn out to actually be the bomb squad’s fault. What is the real life bullshit to bomb ratio?  Jeff has a somewhat coherent rant about Cameron “Frogman” Henry’s TOPS vs hospitals budget ploy. (Later written up here.) Cameron Henry looks like Dabo Swinney. Neil Abramson is being suspicious again.  Meanwhile the Republicans are purging their ranks. What this means for us, mostly, is Bryan Adams karaoke. DID YOU KNOW: Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams share a birthday? This is a true fact.

Two separate child pornography scandals in one week cause Jeff to confuse Chris Young with Chris Roberts. Also it leads to a discussion of the chilling effect of surveillance on intellectual curiosity. Also a bit about the Facebook trending topics controversy.

Segment 2 

Gumshoe reporting from Engineer Pat on upcoming civic hearings and proceedings on the Short Term Rentals issue.

Chris Rose wrote a clickbaity thing about go-cups that was actually a rip-off of another go-cup article from three years ago. Somewhere during the ensuing fray, Rose blames “the Rising Tide folks” We end up being kind of nice to Chris Rose at the end of this.

Actress Ruby Rose threw some french fries at a waiter. Later she apologized to the fries.

Wendell Pierce apparently attacked a woman during an argument over the Democratic primary. We stop ourselves before we get too too far into a Bernie Bro rant.

Stepping On Stepping Out

Varg goes to see The Cure at UNO Lakefront Arena. He also interviewed a concert-goer about the time MCA picked up trash at the UNO Arena parking lot. Listen until the end of the show for that. Lots of 90s nostalgia discussion.

Jeff wins the Hunkerdowncast Round Robin Darts Tournament at the Half Moon. Jeff and Varg do not know Pony by Ginuwine.

Alli is a featured guest on Bar Politics Episode 2 at the Broad Theater. Catch the next Bar Politics at Twelve Mile Limit sometime in June.

Recipe Minute

Varg makes some sort of pork chop in a crock pot thing.

The Jivewire: As always, brought to you by Magnolia Builders.

And we’re done. Thanks again for listening but stay tuned for Varg’s on the street report about the UNO Arena glory days.