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Episode 15 (basically): We got us a CVS and a Poshtel

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 05/28/2016

Alli isn't here but we're not calling this a "Freebird" episode because Karen Gadbois is sitting in for her "Badstreet" style.  We set out to at least try and fit this week's topics in under an hour. We failed to do that.

Segment 1

An attempt to organize a union at Lusher Charter School failed last week. We talk to Karen about the Lusher vote and the Lens's experience trying to cover charter schools. Charters often don't think of themselves as public entities subject to open meetings laws.   At one point we mention this Five Thirty Eight article about the importance of the teaching profession for the city's black middle class.  Later in the week, International High successfully unionized its faculty.

Ken Havard is a fat guy who wants to regulate the weights of strippers... because "political correctness".. sort of. Ken Havard is a doughy guy. Also we can make his argument better than he can.

Sidney Torres for mayor? The new Torres-inspired TV show is coming out next year.

Bayou Boogaloo Fence: Varg's theory is the fence was about restricting access to Ideal Market.  Boogaloo is "Mid-Summer Endymion" We get a little carried away knocking the Boogaloo and Mid City in general. We're (kind of) sorry about that.

Why do we always celebrate when somebody opens a CVS? Especially when this Wall Street Journal article congratulates us for not shopping at Rite Aid.

City Council approved the Bywater "Poshtel" which may or may not be a "hook up hotel" with its own app. Is there a "constant drumbeat" to push more tourists into neighborhoods? What does this mean for our neighborhood peacocks?

Thanks to the Mayor for personally rescuing the HogsHeadJesus Studio from a potential sinkhole.

Thanks to the NFL for not putting another SuperBowl in New Orleans for a while.

And thanks to Karen for sitting in with us.

Segment 2

Twitter questions: The Lens maps. Open invitation to the Governor to come on the show. Favorite snoball place?

SOSO: Jeff didn't leave the house. Lance went out to Doris Metropolitan and to Bayou Beer Garden. 

The Jivewire: As always, brought to you by Magnolia Builders.

Thanks again for listening.