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Dan's BandCampaign Podcast

Dan's BandCampaign Episode 14 - She Loves Pablo

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast
Released on Jun 13, 2016

Croatia's groove, stoner rock band "She Loves Pablo" have a song from one of their previous releases entitled "Impassive, Massive and Aggressive". If we replace the initial adjective with "Impressive", we have a fairly accurate description of what is in store when you listen to these guys. Oh, and add in angry, peaceful, articulate and melodic too!

Having just released a spectacular and somewhat multi-genred album, "Try Mandarin", earlier this year, the band continue to push ahead with their crushing, yet message laden mission.

The band has the formula down. Huge riffs with crunching guitars and bass, pounding drums, scorching vocals....but they also have a great sense of push and pull, ebb and flow and with a self professed "harmony nazi" within the band, vocal harmonies and well crafted melodies, it is no wonder that they are drawing a crowd.

Despite chasing each other for months and some issue with our audio, She Loves Pablo and I covered all sorts of topics, like; Improvising back stories, playing the same song over 20 times in a row, attractive bass players, the problem with the chinese (not really....) and the question of if art is becoming cheap in this day and age.

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