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Wing Defence Weekly

Episode 17 - Looking Back

Wing Defence Weekly
Released on Jul 4, 2016

Welcome to episode 17 of our weekly netball podcast discussing what's happening in netball in Australia and New Zealand

On this week's show we covered

  • The appointment of new Mystics coach Helene Wilson
  • A review of the four teams which failed to make finals - the positives, the negatives and what might happen next year for them
  • We review our ladder predictions from the first two podcasts and see who has done least worst
  • We compare the first round of the ANZ Championship to this weekend's round and find some similarities
  • Craig asks Megan some stats questions from the history of the ANZ Championship
  • A review of the games from round 14
  • Weekly segment - "Team of The Round" where we pick the best players in each position for the week
  • Tips and predictions for this weekend's games

And plenty of our usual general ramblings and a lizard tries to take over the show

Links from this week's show:

SBS - Zela (for Megan's weekly columns)

Hope you enjoy it - please give us feedback: