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Episode 18: A Very Special Episode

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 07/15/2016

Inspired by Sebastian Bach (yes, that one) and Debbie Reynolds, we’re resolved to begin work on our off-off Broadway production Thinderella. Please contribute to our kickstarter.  What are your favorite Very Special Episodes of 80s and 90s TV? What can they teach us today?

Segment 1 (approximately one hour)

Let’s talk about the week in horrific police violence from Baton Rouge to Dallas and back again. Along the way we mention a few news items that deserve notation. One is this story about police arresting protesters peacefully standing on private property. Also BRPD’s history of unconstitutional behavior comes up with regard to enforcement of outmoded sodomy laws as well as treatment of New Orleans evacuees after Katrina.

Gun control discussion actually gets us to turn the mic over to Engineer Pat for a few seconds so he can explain a recent Supreme Court ruling on the question of banning domestic abusers from owning firearms.   What is the appropriate policy response? Alli: Fire all the cops and start over. Varg: Sue the hell out of everyone and make em all feel it in the pocketbook. Jeff: Anything but a goddamned Unity march.

Also Twitter is full of “outside agitators” including everybody in this week’s Y@ Speak as well as  Deray McKesson who spoke at Rising Tide X about these very issues.


Segment 2: Speed Round! (lasts about 15 minutes)

David Duke for Congress?

The mayor’s cousin Kenneth has a badge (sort of)

Another Hollywood South scandal involving the Saints

Irvin Mayfield

Steppin on Steppin Out (SOSO):

Alli went to the mall and got yelled at for no justifiable reason.

Varg went to a Chris Isaak concert. Deurty Boys were #OpenforEssence

Jeff went out to eat or something. It doesn’t matter because Jeff and Varg have a plan to destroy Uptown now.   

Recipe Minute: Alli made some noodles.

The Jivewire: (Sponsored this time by We Met In The Air Communications and Such) 

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.