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Episode 77: Hey! Listen! #10 - E3 Reactions

difflepresents podcast
Released on Aug 1, 2016

Today we finally get around to recap our reactions to this year’s E3, recorded just after the annual videogame conference this year. I give my impressions about Xbox news, Michael gets into Playstation news, and of course we both wax rhapsodic about the new Zelda game, complete with speculation about the game and the new NX system it will apparently be released on. Lots of good stuff this year!

One thing we didn’t get to talk about was the game Guinevere and the Fallen King, which Callum Boothman, library patron and son of DFL staff member Kirstin Boothman went to this year’s E3 to present. Definitely check it out on their website and Facebook page!

Note: the term I was trying to think of in relation to the Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC was Rube Goldberg-type machines. Love those!

We hope you’ll join us next time for more great geek and gamer-related reminiscing and discussions. And check out the new adult video games we have available to check out at the Duxbury Free library -- including some of the newest and most popular Xbox One and Playstation 4 games!