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Episode 19: Pass the mic

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 08/12/2016

We’re back after nearly a month long layoff to bring you… severe technical difficulties.  Somehow our board got fried during the downtime so we’re recording this one huddled together around a single microphone.  Sure, it’s quaint and all, but we do still manage to find ways to talk over each other.

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

We spend some time catching up after our break. Alli made a bunch of oatmeal. Varg has a story to tell about what it’s like to poop in Austin. And that’s just one leg of a longer Cormac McCarthyesque road trip through Texas he endured.

Anyway, Austin. Is it cool? Or is it to poop on? For instance Austin seems like a city especially prone to over-commodified “AirSpace” design one might find in “Hipster Disney World.”

Jeff sat through 4 hours of people yelling at the City Planning Commission over short term rentals on Tuesday. In the discussion we reference figures on median income and affordability in the rental market published in this study. Also, building affordable housing is very difficult without planning and subsidies.  See this calculator Alli mentions.

Is the tourism industry actually making New Orleans worse off than Austin,culturally speaking? Varg: “Don’t come here. Fatalist motherfuckers live here!”

Segment 2: SOSO (lasts about 30 minutes)

Varg re-caps the Guns N Roses show at the Superdome. Also reviews Suicide Squad.

Alli went to Compare Lapin and had dinner seated adjacent to some porn actors. Also started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and caught a comedy open mic at Twelve Mile.

Jeff went to Gautreau’s where may be found those who will be first against the wall when comes the Revolution.

The Saints kick off Thursday night.  There’s a party at Deurty Boys on Dirty Linen Night.

The Jivewire: (Sponsored by ???) 

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.