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Episode 20: Pork is what gets shit done

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 09/01/2016

Back after yet another week off. We gotta quit meeting this infrequently.  It’s hard when everybody has stuff to do.  Varg is still busy, actually. Thankfully our good friend Valerie McGinley is here to sit in.  And hey she’s here to help us break in the Ira Wray Soundboard Presented By We Met In the Air. (IWSPBWMITA… or something.. We’re working on it) Anyway, how do we sound?

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

The Great South Louisiana Flood has dominated the news since we last recorded. Consider donating your money or time to help flood victims. We recommend a few favored charitable organizations. Second Harvest,Baton Rouge Food Bank,  Zeus’ Rescues, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Cara’s House,  Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana.

Is the proliferation of highly individualized donation streams helping, hindering, or “disrupting” recovery efforts? What are the pros and cons of the GoFundMe disaster response?

Is Louisiana so used to disaster recovery now that we might actually be learning to do it better? Do we know what to do with Federal aid money wants it starts flowing?  Do we have the political muscle necessary to start it flowing?

How are we planning to mitigate and share risk as climate change makes these types of disasters more commonplace in Louisiana and around the world? Are we focused on protecting people or profits?

Segment 2:  (lasts about 30 minutes)

While we’ve got Val, let’s talk about the Orleans Parish School Board which just approved a plan to re-incorporate those schools taken over by the Recovery School District just prior to Katrina.  Val speaks highly of Superintendent Henderson Lewis. Here is video from a recent interview with Lewis hosted by The Lens.  Other stuff that comes up:  The controversial differentiated funding plan, the role of the “new” OPSB, the state of the charter movement itself, the state of teachers’ unions in New Orleans, and, interestingly enough, the most recent Gambit poll results.


Alli is about to go on a trip up to Cape Cod. Val just got back from a trip up to Cape Cod. They talk about the joys of escaping the butt end of the New Orleans summer.  Jeff went to the Saints pre-season home opener and didn’t much care for the big video screens.  Jeff and Alli look forward to football season. Val looks forward to the Louisiana guns and ammo tax holliday.

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.