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Episode 21: Remember Football 2016 Like It Was Yesterday

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 09/10/2016

This episode runs long because it was recorded in two very long sessions that were later mixed together. One with Alli and Jeff and the other with Varg and Jeff.  Each session consists of a Football segment and a SOSO segment. In the show they appear as two segments that jump between sessions. We’ve marked the times in these notes for your convenience.

Intro: Jeff and Lance ( Open - 18:47 )

One time in Florida somebody beheaded a goose. Thanks to TK Wharton for setting our levels for us. Jeff and Varg try to parse out some local Twitter drama neither of them understand well which leads to Varg telling a story about a time he got catfished.  Did the election make everybody on Twitter oversensitive?

Segment 1: ALL FOOTBAW  

Alli and Jeff (19:04 - 56:41)

Alli and Jeff talk about LSU’s faceplant in Wisconsin and the LSU fan overreaction. What should  a college coach even be?  What are the political and moral implications of being a football coach, player, or fan. We discuss this Deadspin piece about labor issues in college football and this amazing Spencer Hall article about the wider notions of football fandom and American citizenship.

Alli also recaps Notre Dame’s thrilling loss to Texas. Can either Notre Dame or LSU recover from their opening day losses?  What are the challenges for each the rest of the season? Can pro coaches develop college players? Or do they have “NFL AIDS” all over them? The knives are already out for Les Miles. Should they be, though?

Do the Saints have too many Stanford players on the roster?  They have two. That may be too many.  Consider, for instance, this story about Sean Payton’s relationship with Stanford coaches, players, and their families.  Do the Saints have enough Notre Dame players on the roster? They have zero.

Lance and Jeff (56:58 - 1:37:30)

Jeff and Lance pick up the Les Miles thread for a while. Is there added pressure on LSU this year to “lift the spirits” of fans after the flood? What’s the deal with Louisiana sports fans. Someone should write a book. (There are actually a lot of books about this) When will we win our oil spill championship?

Sean Payton remembers things "like it was yesterday." The Saints are probably gonna be bad.  How bad? The guys make pointless predictions.  Also Lance describes some exotic bets.


HALFTIME SHOW: “Football For Pussy” by Wagon Train


Segment 2: SOSO

Alli and Jeff (1:42:15 - 2:03)

Alli takes a Faulknerian road trip to Memphis and does all the things there. Drinks at Madison Hotel, food and drinks and stuff at Loflin Yard, drinks again on Beale Street. You get the idea. Also something called “aerial silks” happens.  Other points of interest: Shelby Farms Park, Paula and Raiford’s Disco. On the way back through Mississippi, Square Books, the Windsor Ruins, the Ole Miss campus, and “The Grove” which is apparently bullshit.  

Jeff and Lance (2:03:20 - end)

Jeff wants to talk about the fan experience at the Superdome. Mostly, though, he just complains about beer prices and the “South Market District” gentrification nearby.  Varg GOES OFF on Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

Also Lance has been watching TundaMinous on the Cajun Nerd Media YouTube channel and closed out summer with a day drinking event called Seersucker Wednesday.

There is also a recipe minute in here somewhere.

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.  Sorry this thing ran so long. Thanks for bearing with our little experiment.