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Episode 22: Shipping

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 09/25/2016

The theme this week is “shipping.”  Your favorite potential couple. Will they or won’t they?  Lance and Alli sharing a mic?  Jeff and Mark Ingram having a spat? You never know when sparks are gonna fly.  We talk about how Ingram owned Jeff on Twitter even as the two of them came sooo close to being on the exact same side of a thing.  Will they ever kiss and make up? Tune in next time.

Segment 1: (about an hour and fifteen minutes)

Varg wants to re-litigate Kaepernick. Alli just wants to sing. Also know your meme with the Harambe Explainer! And Yeti Butts. (look it up) John Bel Edwards said some dumb things on his radio show.  Is police violence increasing?  Statistics say it is?

Football talk:

LSU beat Mississippi State. This satisfied exactly zero LSU fans. LSU plays Auburn this weekend but Alli and Lance won’t watch it because they are negotiating for Beyonce tickets while recording this show.  Also there’s a fairly comprehensive look at this weekend’s college games. We joke about what might happen if LSU loses or if Notre Dame loses to Duke or if Oregon loses to Colorado. Little did we know…

The Saints are bad. Are Loomis-Payton overrated? Are they “dug in?” Or are they gone when Benson is gone? How drunk is Alli at this point in the show? (Quite) Also the SEC is being taken over by Purdue transfers and Alli doesn’t watch the Saints anymore.

Lance has a weird idea about how high school sports should work.

SOSO: (about 20 minutes)

Alli is drunk.  Jeff really wants everyone to know how drunk Alli is. Also Jeff is pretty drunk.

Alli talks about her trip to Cape Cod, her visit to the Ogden museum, and a book signing by Etgar Keret.

Varg has more adventures down the bayou. Eats at Flanagan’s in Thibodaux, attends a flood victims’ benefit show at Beck’s bar in Raceland, and then goes to Chauvin to check out an art show. Back in town for dinner at Sac-A-Lait.

Jeff chooses to spend his portion of this segment talking about the fake kale gumbo controversy. His idea is to link it to the increasingly slick phenomenon of social media astroturfing but we run out of time.

Recipe minute: Gumbo Z’herbes. Because you can put fucking kale in it if you want to.

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