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Episode 23: In The Streets

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 10/02/2016

Cold open is a debate between former Saints head coach Jim Mora and himself from twenty and thirty years ago.

There are a few spots during the show where the audio isn’t so good. Sorry about that.

Are we here to discuss Alt-Right memes? Are we here to talk about other podcasts we like? Not really. Actually we’re here to introduce some man-on-the street reports collected by Lance over the past week.  We end up talking a lot too, though.  

Segment One: (About 30 minutes long)

Our first report comes from Jackson Square artist Reggie Ford who, along with Varg, witnessed the #TakeEmDownNOLA protest there last weekend as well as a sorry counterprotest by David Duke who Lance managed to flip off.  Other points of interest. There were developments in the monuments lawsuit the day we recorded. Also “The Overton Window” After Reggie’s interview, Jeff reads a passage from Cross To Bear by John Maginnis about David Duke’s sexual exploits during the 1991 governor’s race.

Segment Two: (About 30 minutes long)

Next we have sports content. First a re-cap of the Saints-Falcons Monday Night game. Then, Lance’s bizarre Les Miles to the Saints theory.  Oh and some stuff about DaCOACHO and the state of college football coaching generally. After that, a special guest commentary from Deurty Boy Jeremy Hebert on Les Miles and his legacy.


Actually we talk a bit about the upcoming City Council hearing on short term rentals.  All three of us went to a Tweet-up at the Bayou Beer Garden.. Which turns out to be kind of a controversial venue. Also Varg slags on Mid City pretty hard. Then there’s more man on the street reporting from Alli, Lance, and Ros at the Beyonce concert somewhat drunk and contemplating Bronze Tom.  

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Finally, a note on fireworks.

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