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Episode 24: Bending reality

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 10/16/2016

Congratulations to us on one full year of spectacular podcasting!  We celebrate by totally botching and having to re-record a whole segment. It’s okay because it gives Alli a chance to sing more and we learn fascinating new Varg facts. Seriously, though, we appreciate the (mostly) positive reception from Tim en em. We’ll have those satin jackets ready any day now.

More than anything else, we’re proud of the way things we’ve imagined on the show seem to have come true in reality throughout the year. It’s a running theme throughout this episode and a sign that we have arrived as a podcast that matters.

Segment One: (About 32 minutes long)

We talk reconnect with episode one a bit with an update on Louisiana’s coastal master plan. (Things are still not good.)  In a somewhat related matter we spend some time talking about the Governor’s lawsuit against the oil and gas industry particularly as it relates to which Senate candidates are and are not supporting it. We follow up with a quick look at the field in the Senate race and some of the stranger ads that have been running including one where John Kennedy loves his handgun and Caroline Fayard appears to use children as human shields.

Segment Two: (About 40 minutes long)

Varg is a jerk about Mike VI and cancer patients in general. Although “Child stars or college mascots: who dies quicker?” is an intriguing topic. But really this is all about the LSU - Florida game getting postponed. So we fight about that a while too before going in to the regular college and pro football talk.  Stanford and Notre Dame is about to happen. Notre Dame’s season is in the shitter. Wait til basketball season.  The Saints/Chargers game was so ridiculous that Jeff got blocked on Twitter by another public figure. Life is weird in the Upside Down.  Varg asks if anyone thinks about pro sports teams in terms of how bad their owners are. And it turns out that yes this happens a lot.


Lance is currently reading some Louisiana true crime books. Mr. New Orleans, the ghost written memoir of  Frenchy Brouillette and Murder In The Bayou by Ethan Brown.  The latter of these is of some relevance to the current Senate election so we talk about it for a while. Then Varg has to split.  Alli participated in a pirate themed pub crawl through Mid City. Jeff attended a destination funeral. Alli mentions a benefit for Hatian hurricane victims coming up Sunday night.

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Finally another big thanks to Tim en em. It’s been a fun year. We’ll see y’all in 2017. 

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