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Episode 24.5: Going to court is kind of like getting drugs

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 10/29/2016

There’s a cold open where we try to play a name your favorite NPR personality game but end up naming Saints quarterbacks.

Anyway, it’s our first “Freebird” show in some time. Alli is not available this week. Next week we anticipate Varg being gone so she can talk behind his back as well.  Happy Varg Gras. This is a celebration of Varg’s birthday but also of all things in life more or less. It goes on for a week or so this time of year.  In these Freebird episodes, we talk loosely about a list of stuff. Here’s some of what we touched on.

The City Council’s short term rental vote went about as badly as one can have expected.  What will be the fallout from that?  Jeff is the Tito Santana of the gentrification process.

The Being NOLA Twitter project is ending. Did we all have the power to Be NOLA all along.  Lance describes a failed conspiracy to possibly hi-jack the account.

It’s early voting week so we talk a little bit about the Senate and Presidential races. A bit about the unlikely possibility of getting two Democrats into the Senate runoff. Also, what’s next for the Republican Party after Trump?

City Budget hearings are underway. The mayor wants to double the number of traffic cameras. Varg hates this shit to the point of wanting to “get civil disobedient with a fucking pellet gun”  But he also has further issues with revenue collectors that may exacerbate the matter.  Aside: Revenue schemes based on fees collected through aggressive policing is basically what caused Ferguson.

The Saints are bad but that is fine. We’re both going to the Seahawks game on All Saints Weekend. Varg remembers a terrible looking college football uniform

BONUS CONTENT: Twitter questions from Tim en em.  Something about 70s TV shows. A song.. Sort of. Life down on de bayou. And finally, going to court is like getting drugs.

Next week: Probably more Freebird with Jeff and Alli.

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