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Magicians Advice Podcast

Inside the mind of Chris Congreave

Magicians Advice Podcast
Released on Dec 21, 2016

Inside the mind of Chris Congreve,

Join Phil Taylor, Ian Brennan, and guest magician Chris Congreave  as they talk about Chris’ experiences as a working magician. Chris is one of the busiest and most well know magicians in the Midlands and is not only out in the real world performing but has also released a range of amazing effects to the magic community. Chris is currently working on a few new projects with very big names in magic but sadly we are not allowed to share any more information on that at this time. Stay tuned though as there are big things afoot. ;-)

Chris speaks about how he chooses his material to perform; how he creates his material; and how he has honed his ‘naturally’ funny persona. Chris also speaks openly and honestly about the recent medical problems he suffered with his voice; the impact this had on is career; and advice on how to minimise the chance of the same thing happening to other magicians.

It is always a genuine pleasure to catch up with Chris and we are very proud to be able to share this discussion with you.

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