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Episode 25: Flashing Lights Against The Sky

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 11/19/2016

Episode 25. Or 6 to 4. Whatever the hell that means.  Also It’s TEOTWAWKI whatever that means.  What are your favorite apocalyptic songs and/or movies.  What does the Doomsday Clock say right now, anyway? Has anybody checked?  Anyway we’re in this mood because, well, reasons.  This show is just one segment and it’s us kvetching about the election. Sorry/Not sorry.  

Trump wine tastes like it should come from a box. Election results theater should also come from a box. The Lens does a really great  results map. Also everybody was super-wrong about how this thing would go. But somehow it is all Jeff’s fault.

Or maybe it was Hillary’s fault. Or maybe it was something else.  We get deep into it.  This NYT story about a Carrier plant in Indiana comes up. So does this Advertiser article about Cameron Parish.  Voters there are worried about jobs in offshore drilling. David Hammer’s latest investigation shows that “regulations” aren’t really what’s slowing that industry down right now. How do you reach the voters Hillary couldn’t?  

How bad can Trump actually be, by the way? (It might be very bad)  Does he know or care what he is doing or what a President is supposed to do?  

What do we do next? One thing would be to not elect John Kennedy to the Senate, although that will be hard when Caroline Fayard is still causing problems. Beyond that, though, how do people find ways to organize both inside of and independently of their political parties? Alli has some ideas inspired by this Jonathan Schwarz article.  Lance has a short sermon on constructive communication.

Twitter responds to our call for Trump cabinet suggestions.

Finally Varg has a question about Williams Supermarket.

Other than that, there’s no regular features. No Jivewire or SOSO. Just needed to get the Trump stuff out this time. We’ll be back in form next time out.

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