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Claire Casey: Reaching an Emotionally Unavailable Man [EP 34]

Love Chat with Felicity and Gia

Release Date: 12/06/2016

We've all been through this frustrating scenario: Meet a great guy, things start out beautifully..then he gets confusing...

> He runs hot hot hot...then cold as ice

> He doesn't proactively make time for you (but says yes when you do the work)

> He's attentive when he's around but ghosts for days or weeks

> He seems into you but you don't know where you stand

Sound familiar?

Claire Casey, author of Capture His Heart, joins us for the first interview installment on this episode to share how to handle an emotionally unavailable man without losing your self respect or wasting any precious time.

She shares practical tips and advice so that any confusion you once felts is wiped away for good!

Check out Claire's website at askclairecasey.com where she shares TONS of great advice! And come back next week for Part Two of our interview for more goodness.