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Episode 26: Donald Trump is the new normal.. or the Newell Normand or something like that

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 12/10/2016

Apologies to Foster Campbell who we know wanted to be with us this week. We couldn’t make it happen. Yet another thing about this election cycle is now our fault. Alli did meet Foster at an LSU game but, unfortunately no one there did a keg stand.  How a candidate drinks is very important.

Segment One (about 55 minutes)

In the first segment we try to talk about the Louisiana Senate race but end up getting sidetracked as the conversation, as most political conversations do nowadays, comes under the shadow of Donald Trump and his various foibles. Also there are some odd ideas for monetizing the podcast. Somehow we misattribute the US official recognition of the One China policy to Nixon and not Carter. We regret the error.  Alli has a personal connection to Betsy DeVos which yields a somewhat creepy story. Ben Carson floated off the planet. Ben Carson was a scam.  We also complain that Democrats spend too much time yelling at each other.

Segment Two (55 - 1:08)

Speed Round topics this time are 1) Sidney Torres 2) Newell Normand 3) Stuart Fisher


Jeff wants to talk about people not showing up for Saints games.. Which makes this kind of a sports segment.  Jeff also went to Pavo Real which leads to a confusing New Orleans geography discussion.

Lance saw Dolly Parton at the Smoothie King Center.

Alli went to Chicago for Thanksgiving. She also talks about the turkey gumbo she made.

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