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Love Chat with Felicity and Gia

New Years Resolutions with Mike Vas [EP 36]

Love Chat with Felicity and Gia
Released on Dec 20, 2016's that time of year where the hustle and bustle of the holidays is about to give way to a fresh new year.

And it's time to think about what you want your 2017 to look like. Mike Vas of the Boom Knowledge Podcast joins us in this episode to drop some resolutionary knowledge on us...

> Where did the practice of new year's resolutions start?

> Does setting resolutions even work? (the answer might surprise you)

And each of us share our own personal resolutions with you. Including some deep talk about relationships and what we would like to see happen in our love lives.

I also reveal my latest program that is ALLLLLL about setting goals and rocking them. Check out to learn more.

And be sure to check out Mike's awesome podcast on iTunes, and on his website

SIDE NOTE: After recording, it was discovered during the audio editing process that my microphone was effed up. And unfortunately there was little we could do to fix it. So despite my sounding like I'm sitting inside a tin can, Gia and I opted to go ahead and publish the episode (shitty audio and all). We hope you can look past the less-than-stellar sound and enjoy the conversation and information.