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FitFluential Radio - The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Fitness

FitFluential Radio Special New Year Episode

FitFluential Radio - The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Fitness
Released on Jan 4, 2017

Welcome back to FitFluential Radio! On today’s special New Year episode, we’ll take a look back at what we’ve discussed in 2016 and reflect on why the topic of sleep and circadian biology has made its way into almost every episode. We’ll also be giving you our personal “aha!” moments this year as well as give you a heads up on what FFR will be doing for 2017.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the topics discussed in this episode, feel free to leave them below!


“Don't get overwhelmed, Don't give up on your new year's resolutions, and look forward to an awesome 2017.” Kevin and Kelly


What we’ve learned:

  • The one common theme we found with our guests is how they correlate the importance of an optimal circadian biology to what qualifies as a healthy lifestyle.
  • A lot of our guests disclosed the fact that they are worried about blue light, EMFs, and the effects of chronic sleep disruption.
  • People stopped labelling themselves as a single category in the world of health and wellness. More and more are looking at wellness in a holistic approach, hybridizing instead of specializing.
  • One of the most important things is lifestyle, a focus on overall health is better than focusing only on the smallest details and being lax with the rest.
  • Fitness, health, and wellness is no longer exclusive to the youth. Lots of the guests on the show were in their 40’s or 50’s yet they look so happy, vibrant, and brimming with youthful energy.
  • The fundamental flaw in health is things coaches and gurus advertise won’t work for everybody.
  • If you’re not getting results with your health and fitness program, then it’s likely a sleep issue.


What you’ll expect from us:

  • Continuity for shows particularly when discussing a series of topics instead of dishing out new content randomly.
  • More sets of deep dives.
  • For listeners who write to us with questions, we’ll be having regular “FAQ” episodes that will serve to connect the dots.
  • Private mastermind groups, private coaching groups, and webinars this year.
  • Live Twitter chats


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