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FitFluential Deep Dive - Sunshine, Blue Light & Vitamin D with Dr. Jack Kruse - Part 1

FitFluential Radio - The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Fitness
Released on Jan 10, 2017

Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon and the owner of Optimized Life, a company focused on helping people get their life back from the burdens of healthcare by way of living a healthy lifestyle. He is also what you may call a quantum clinician, someone who looks at health beyond the cellular level.

Today, Jack tells us his thoughts on the effects of light on our mitochondrial health, his opinions on emerging health gurus, and why he thinks the human body have similar functions to plants and we should capitalize on it.

"We're only as good as what we've been taught and unfortunately what we've been taught is a half-truth.” Dr. Jack Kruse

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The basis of the food web is photosynthesis.
  • Light is what controls photosynthesis.
  • Most progressive practitioners rely heavily on supplementation.
  • Health is an n = 1 game, tied to how your mitochondria works with the light frequencies on the four surfaces of your body: eye, gut, lungs, skin.
  • A supplement can make you worse depending on the state of your mitochondrial health.
  • Most health gurus don't understand mitochondrial health.
  • There's a connection between chlorophyll, hemoglobin, and mitochondrial function.
  • Solar blue light isn't as bad as artificial blue light but there has to be context.
  • Cancer happens to be the biggest deficit of energy from the mitochondria.
  • Myopia and other eye diseases exists because they are manifestations of leptin resistance in the eyeball level.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can't supplement the sun; the body is designed to make vitamin D from the UV rays from sunlight.
  • It's better to be energy efficient on the motor side than the fuel side. A good fuel efficient engine doesn't need a tremendous fuel source to work. That's how our cells work, designed to maximize mitochondrial function.
  • The best teachers in the world are those who show you the data but don't tell you what to see.

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