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Ask The Chimney Sweep

53 - We Fix Soaking Wet, Smokey, Stinkin' Chimneys - Alan Rush

Ask The Chimney Sweep
Released on Jan 27, 2017

Ask The Chimney Sweep is a podcast devoted to helping you to safely enjoy your fireplace or home heating system!

It doesn’t matter if you're new to the world of fireplaces, there's always something changing when it comes to heating your home with wood, gas or electric.

Join us for the very best in hints and tips on solving all of your chimney and fireplace problems.

Each week you will be hearing from our nation’s very best chimney & fireplace repair contractor companies. Also, we will be chatting with fireplace and stove manufacturers of some of the very finest quality stove and hearth product equipment on the marketplace today.

This week join us as we have our fireside chat with Alan Rush of Direct Connect in Nashville TN as we talk about what to expect when a chimney sweep comes to your home.