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Episode 27 Hatefucking the Peacock

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 01/30/2017

Hello it’s us making our 2017 debut during the final week of January.  Sorry Tim en em. We’ll try not to leave you in the bar by yourself for so long in the future.

Segment One (about 57 minutes)

Dizneylandrieu is back! The mayor unveiled a “security plan” that involves various heresies such as mandatory bar closing times.  What does this mean for the future of nightlife in the Quarter or for the character of the city in general?  What if it pushes more tourists into the neighborhoods? What will the peacocks do?

We live in the Time Of Trump now and people are doing #Resistance in the streets. The results so far are…. decidedly mixed. Jeff went to the Inauguration Day protest at Duncan Plaza. Alli went to the following day’s Women’s March. Varg experienced the aftermath of the Women’s March in the Quarter. We compare notes and talk political strategy. More grass roots organizing. Less David Brock.

SOSO (app 30 minutes)

Varg once harassed Poppy Tooker on the street.  Alli had a steak at Doris Metropolitan, planted some trees, saw Rogue One, and is into a Japanese reality show called Terrace House.  Varg shares a vignette from Molly’s at The Market where the remnants of the Women’s March met collided with the remnants of a friend’s memorial service. Jeff talks about the awkwardness of being at a protest and anticipates the joy of Carnival.

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