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Botch Games Podcast

The New 100: 51-55 (ft. Junk Art, Linkee, Blend Off, Joking Hazard, Santorini)

Botch Games Podcast
Released on Feb 25, 2017

In the latest episode of New 100, Craig talks about a ton of small games he played (as was forced to play) over the holidays with extended family. We hope you enjoy!

Show Times: 

Intro: 0:12

Junk Art (Pretzel Games): 1:08

Linkee (Linkee): 5:40

Blend Off (Thunderworks): 9:34

Joking Hazard (Breaking Games): 13:02

Santorini (Roxley): 15:28

Wrap-Up: 19:22

PNCN Bumper: 21:00