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#17: The First All-Inclusive Hawker School for the Disadvantaged, Koh Seng Choon

Misfits: Wisdoms with unconventional Singaporean

Release Date: 03/03/2017

"Success is a satisfying state of the mind, failure is when you stop trying."
- Koh Seng Choon
Koh Seng Choon is the founder and managing director of Dignity Kitchen, Singapore's first hawker training centre for people with disabilities and the disadvantaged. Dignity Kitchen has trained over 400 individuals and successfully given job placements to all of them.

Project Dignity's mission is to build and return dignity to the disadvantaged and people with disabilities through vocation with passion. Under Project Dignity, it runs several other programs which including Dignity Mama Stall, Dignity Cottage, Lunch Treat for the Elderly and more.

Koh Seng Choon is also the author of 3 books - Elements of Success: Business, Elements of Success: Education and Elements of Success: Living. Elements of Success: Business is a best-seller in India.

Koh Seng Choon is the owner and management consultant of Christopher Benjamin Consultancy Services. 

On the side, he is a professor at SP Jain School of Global Management. 

In this conversation, we spoke about:

  • How Koh Seng Choon negotiated a scholarship with William Cook PLC
  • How Koh Seng Choon built a network in India in a record time
  • Teaching entrepreneurship at SP Jain school of management, Changi Prison
  • and lots more