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Episode 28 Part 1: Zero Sum Games of Fun

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/07/2017

Okay here we go with our (now annual) Mardi Gras retrospective.  We got together on a Saturday night at Jeff’s place to drunkenly and exhaustively go through every last minute of it. We recorded over three hours of material.  As a favor to you, the listener, we’ve broken them up into more manageable bites. The plan was to go chronologically through the season. For the most part, we stuck to that.  This first chapter takes us from Krewe Du Vieux through the first weekend of parades.  The final bit here is a discussion of the #KreweOfChad.  Here’s a quick rundown of topics.

  • There was a movie called The French Quarter. It starred a young Becky Allen
  • A Port-O-Let shot somebody
  • Alli’s great time at  KDV failed to grab Trump’s attention
  • Femme Fatale is a great parade
  • Freret and Alla are not so great parades
  • Alli loves Chewbacchus
  • Lance hates Chewbacchus
  • Barkus is probably a bad idea
  • There are too many parades on Sunday
  • Alla is garbage
  • There is an actual Krewe of Chad parade
  • The sociology and politics of Chad

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