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Episode 28 Part 2: Full Contact Mardi Gras

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/10/2017

Part Two of the Hunkerdowncast Mardi Gras review.  In this bit we learn about Varg’s foster parenting abilities, the art of parade staging, where to find the best Korean food from some white guy, and where to buy an orange daiquiri that might actually be red.

Also, we ask which parades made the worst jokes? Which parades made the best jokes? Which parades were the most racist?  Why did every parade make a Mike Yenni joke? Is Nyx a Superkrewe yet? Was that really Andrew Ridgely in Muses? And what was the deal with Phil Collins anyway?

Here is a NOLA.com article about planning your parade party.  Alli talks about her very nice Endymion party.  Varg talks about how much he hates the Endymion shit show. Endymion is closely bound up with the Krewe of Chad’s origin myth.  As it happens, a Chad ran over some people at Endymion this year. An Advocate photographer was injured during the ensuing mess

More parade talk: Jeff explains Iris’ “100th” year and tells us that Tucks is underrated generally. Varg explains the Chad Family Tree.

Did you make a costume? Do you still have hot glue burns?  When is the “Peak” day of Carnival season?  Jeff talks about riding in Thoth. We discuss some examples of “divisive” throws. Alli finishes Sunday by watching the Oscars.  And that’s where we leave it until Part 3.  Phil Collins plays us out.

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