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Episode 28 Part 3: Having a '97

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/12/2017

It’s the grand finale of our three part review of Mardi Gras 2017.

We learn about Varg’s Box Of Wine Appreciation Society and Varg learns a little bit what it’s like to be in charge of children who are not his own.  Do you get too drunk on Lundi Gras?  Sometimes it can’t be helped. Jeff and Alli talk about seeing Proteus and Orpheus. Somehow, Varg is, again, in charge of some kids.

Finally we get to Mardi Gras Day when everywhere else except for in certain neighborhoods, it’s just Tuesday.  Varg talks about what it’s like to have”costume commitment” and about what it’s like to "have a ‘97." Also, there was lots of “gattin’ it” at the Deurty Boys gallery.

Alli spends Fat Tuesday with the St. Anthony Ramblers. We learn about life saving hot dog sandwiches, something about the “beautiful expression of public space and collective action” and/or just being tipsy in the Quarter when the music is playing.  Apropos of Bart Everson’s The Heart Of Carnival  column, Jeff talks about what the Carnival pageant reveals about the city. Lance talks about throwing a doctor out of the gallery.

Jeff spends Fat Tuesday uptown with Zulu, Rex, and the Wild Magnolias. Jeff doesn’t costume. Alli wants to go to the Rex ball. We end the show talking a little about the class politics of Carnival. Everyone agrees that this was a good one. Maybe not "a 97" exactly, but what can be?

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