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"We do not learn, and that what we call learning is only a process of recollection." ~Plato

It seems we address certain types of learning differently than say preparing to perform. In other words, to prepare for a performance we will practice, practice, and practice some more. But, when it comes to learning something we expect to see or hear it once and completely know it and be able to recall it.

Crazier still, we tend to think we're not too smart if we need to relearn the same lesson over and over again.

MG and HE challenge this idea. MG recalls how some of the audio lessons on his playlist he’s heard "hundreds" of times! The EXACT SAME lesson. And, he says, here's the “crazy” thing— each time he seems to pickup and learn something new.

Why is that? How can you or I hear the same message three times, for instance, and learn or pickup something different each time?

They cover the various reasons behind this phenomena and then, ultimately, propose this is precisely what higher education is about— for instance what PhD students do! They study the SAME SUBJECT over and over and then again, some more. They GO DEEP vs wide (breadth) and cover the same topic from different angles and perspectives. And, because of this, they notice details, nuances and connections most people will never see.

This, learning the same things over and over and then some more, is really what we call expertise. This is what mastery really is!


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