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"If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." ~Clint Eastwood

Martin kicks off this episode with his GTR, (good things report) what he believes might just be a great trick to help him remember names. Henry's GTR is about his recent trip to the desert with the family to see the amazing desert bloom. The spring flowers are flourishing as a result of the recent and heavy rainfall in California.

Jumping into today's topic; "Staying on your toes" they both share how easy it is to fall back into "comfort" and "security". To become complacent and then before one realizes it they are "playing" defense" and have fallen back into "protection mode" rather than pushing forward and continuing to learn and challenge themselves.

It's easy to fall back on your heels, become tentative, hesitant and insecure. And, Henry and MG use the old sports analogy that is almost cliche these days. That of the football team with a big lead who will go into a "Prevent Defense". If you saw the most recent Superbowl many contend that is precisely what happened to the Atlanta Falcons. The strategy (to preserve the lead) seems to almost always backfire and prevent the team with the lead from winning.

Why does that happen so often? Well, one team is focused upon what they DO NOT want to happen while the other team is focused upon what they DO want to happen. The interesting thing is both teams are focused upon the same thing.

What are you focused upon? What you want to happen or what you do NOT want to happen?

The question the hosts offer the listener is this: WHO KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS?

If the reason people become hesitant and insecure, and stop taking action is because they are afraid and think they might fail, then the question is, "WHO KNOWS FOR SURE?"

The answer of course is NOBODY knows for sure and even with "failure" there are so many benefits that come of it. So the ONLY mindset that really makes sense is the "BE ON YOUR TOES" — an aggressive, confident and optimistic view about what you DO WANT To HAPPEN!

So, go for it! Enjoy the show! ; )

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