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71: Heroes are Not Perfect. Never Judge. The Will to Overcome REAL Hardship: "A Helmet for my Pillow" by Robert Leckie

Jocko Podcast
Released on Apr 18, 2017

0:00:00 - Opening

0:04:14 - "A Helmet for my Pillow" by Robert Leckie 

0:07:49 - Stripped Down to Nothing in Boot Camp.  Surrender and Discipline.

0:18:53 - Advanced Training.

0:28:48 - Guadalcanal: Time to Fight.

1:07:38 - After the Battle: R&R, Partying, and Getting in Trouble.

1:23:05 - Assault on New Britain.

1:39:46 - Physical Complications and Conditions.

1:52:03 - Medical treatment / Don't Judge The Intellect of a Man by his Job.

2:00:17 - Back to Fighting - Peleliu.

2:21:18 - Battle was Won, but with Great Sacrifice. 

2:26:00 - Take-away: Who are we to Judge?

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3:11:01 - Closing Gratitude.