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Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

Marketing Your Brand Through Story Telling with Lauren Hazel 170

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast
Released on Apr 20, 2017



Marketing Your Brand Through Story Telling with Lauren Hazel 170

Story telling is one of the best ways to get people engaged in any situation and of course the best situation is when it happens to be your potential client and they get engaged through storytelling to purchase your product or service.  

Lauren Hazel is a direct response copy writer who has mastered this little-known secret when she stumbled upon the process when she was tutoring students in New York City. Because of her process, she was one of the highest paid tutors in arena, commanding as much as 10 times the average tutor.

Needless to say, through this interview you will come to realize that Lauren hazel is not average when it comes to helping her clients get extraordinary results by helping them build their brand through story telling.

What does Lauren Hazel really do she helps small businesses use the power of story to

grow their sales and attract more qualified leads and she specializes in email marketing and would love to discuss on how you guys can use email marketing to grow and create reoccurring

revenue with your businesses by developing having her help you develop your brand story.



Lauren knows her craft just like you know yours. She knows how to get people to respond to words as created in a story,I know you are a great sales person once you are in or at the door.


The question is Who is selling you in the door?  If you’re looking to get one up on the competition connect with Lauren .


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