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Feud: Bette & Joan Recap: Ep 8 "You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?"

Book Vs Movie Podcast
Released on Apr 24, 2017

Book Vs. Movie Podcast

"Feud: Bette & Joan"

Ep 8 "You Mean All of This Time We Could Have Been Friends?"


The Margos are picking up the pieces of their shattered hearts as they recap the last episode of the AMAZING FX series Feud: Bette & Joan. In this final special addition episode they discuss:

  • Joan & Bette's lonely lives
  • The return (albeit briefly) of Mamacita
  • The incredible performance by Dominic Burgess
  • The fate of two workaholic women in Hollywood
  • How many Emmys the show deserves
  • Joan's teeth!


Bette Davis & Bryan Gumble

Joan Crawford BBC-TV

The Doors "The End"

War "Why Can't We Be Friends"

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