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Phil Hulett and Friends

Episode 315 - Hospitals Wearables Addictions

Phil Hulett and Friends
Released on Apr 28, 2017

We have your health in mind on this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal explains how to avoid getting ripped off at a hospital. Former Stand-up Comedian, Pete O'Shea reveals the hidden secrets of an addict. Fitness Expert and sought-after personal trainer, Jonathan Jordan says, don't be obsessed with your fitness tracker. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Circle and Travel Guy Gary Warner makes the distinction between national parks and national monuments. Gonzo Greg Spillane and Skylar Cuarisma join Phil Hulett and have these stories: The latest from Berkeley...and it's not what you think. What is the ideal amount of personal space? Stupid girl goes viral using her boyfriends' junk to blend her makeup. Disabled guy in a shopping cart. Hot Mug Shot Guy is back in trouble. What's worse, getting fired or getting divorced? Reebok calls out Nordstrom. Ikea calls out Balenciaga. Billy Ray Cyrus legally changed his name.  The best way we've heard of to get your kid to do his homework. Flying cars? Never mind. The Bachelor kills a guy but he sure is dreamy.