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Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

Discover How to Lay a SUCCESSFUL Foundation for Social Media with Kara Reed 172

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast
Released on May 4, 2017




Playing cat and mouse with your social media presence I mean Is your social media hit and miss are you just throwing out articles so you can say you have a social a media presence?  

To win at the game of social media you might go back to the beginning and look at what it was created for, Building relationships,

As always building relationships is the age old truth to building businesses. Social media is a new tool on the block. And when used effectively it will gravitate customers to you by building relationships.

Don’t get me wrong marketing is good but if that is all you do on face book or on any social media platform then you are short cutting the maximum effect you can have  with potential customers and followers.

 Social Media was created to be a RELATIONSHIP platform, NOT a marketing platform

When you shift the way you use social media, the opportunities to turn relationships into revenue are limitless.” Kyra Reed

Kyra Reed is a social media industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator. Reed brings a unique and fresh social-first approach to brand marketing and digital strategy.

Kyra’s approach to digital marketing is helping you lay a successful foundation so you can get yourr social media game on, Markyr will help set your brand up for long-term gains and success.  

Social media is the public face of your brand, It requires a distinct individual voice  and message, with an understanding of your audience with the correct content that will get the engaged with you.

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