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"Corey and I have two qualities that I think unite us. One, we are eternal optimists; we always believe our best day is coming.
The other thing is that we have a high risk tolerance. We’ll keep rolling the dice.
We like the idea of saying, ‘We’re going to bet on ourselves a little longer.'"
~Casey Wright

Few entrepreneurs seize an opportunity as quickly and as creatively as Casey Wright. He and his brother Corey, guided by their parents, were encouraged to explore this "internet thing" in the early 2000s, and in particular, how email marketing might help their real estate firm.

Their parents came to them and said they wanted to stop spending $100K on print marketing per year; the brothers thought email marketing might be the answer. To everyone's surprise, the strategy worked and Casey and his brother were off and running...sort of.

"The first year was exciting, and then you have six years of things not going the way you wanted them to; I'm seeing my friends working half as hard and making twice as much money and wondering if I should just go get in line and find a job."

Persistence, however, proved to be the path of least resistance. Ultimately, their content-marketing business took off and assumed a new and complementary spin: A Keller Williams office manager wanted to use the brothers' content-marketing process and apply it toward recruiting new agents! The proposition was, "If you can build this, we will buy it!"

Today, Casey employs the one bit of advice he would give his younger self: "Find a way to put the wind at your back!" Gorilla Goodies is doing just that; Casey's new venture is responsible for a couple internet smash-sensations, including The Hipster Nativity Scene and the (DT) Donald Trump Bobblehead

Enjoy the show and take note: He says, "Habit tracking is something I will ALWAYS do!" ; )

Brilliant work, Casey!

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