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Hailing Frequencies Open Podcast

Hailing Frequencies Open: A Star Trek Podcast - Episode 6

Hailing Frequencies Open Podcast
Released on May 8, 2017

ENGINEERING REPORT: Due to interference from a temporal anomaly, this episode is being released on the wrong star date. Back to our regularly scheduled hailing frequency patterns next time!

This Episode finds the HFO crew examining what it truly means to be lonely. If being lonely means awesome blue lightning effects, count us in! In LONELY AMONG US, the Enterprise is visited by a strange entity as it passes through a strange nebula on an urgent delegation mission. The crew is possessed one after the other, and one of the crew is accidentally killed? No worries, with a secondary plot line that far outshines the main plot (I mean, werewolf-dog-monkeys chasing down snake people through the decks of the Enterprise?!? C'mon! That's gold!) this episode is ripe for the picking, our the intrepid crew of Hailing Frequencies Open will do their best to guide you through, with or without blue lightning!