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Episode 31: Monday Night Monumentball

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 05/11/2017

Happy May The Fourth! (It’s probably like May 11th or later when you listen to this. Sorry.) We are recording this May 4th episode “live” (but not really) from the World Famous Deurty Boys Gallery on Dumaine and Chartres in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. So soak in the atmosphere with us as we take in the sounds of customers stepping in to browse and friends coming by for cameo bits. Billy Nungesser never shows up for whatever reason. Mitch Landrieu has an open invitation, though.

Segment one (Open - 45:00)

Jeff and Alli and many others witnessed a melee on May Day in front of the Jefferson Davis Monument.  We re-cap those events as well as the mayor’s feud with Frank Stewart and the fact that Pat doesn’t know there are actually two Mackels.  Later we play Marry/Fuck/Kill with the remaining three monuments and look forward to a march on the following Sunday.

Incidental music: Glen David Andrews and TBC Brass band

Segment Two (47:00 - 1:28:00)

Jeff went to an event hosted by The Lens about the effects of coastal loss and climate change on rural Louisiana communities. Varg lays out a shit happens take on climate change.

We remember our friend Deb Cotton who passed away this month. Here is a column by Jarvis Deberry about Deb accepting the Avodah New Orleans Partner In Justice Award. Here is Deb recently writing to the New York Times about the bullying tactics prosecutors use toward victims of and witnesses to crime. Here is a video of Deb accepting the Ashley Morris Award at Rising Tide X.

We spend a few minutes talking about some of the issues that were important to Deb. Leon Cannizzaro is a dick. His dickish tactics were also recently written up in The Guardian, Court Watch NOLA reported on various instances of dickishness  The Lens reported on witnesses being issued “fake subpoenas”  Meanwhile, the state’s DAs are successfully whittling away at criminal justice reform in the legislature. The Times-Picayune found that Second Line clubs pay a lot more in parade fees than, say, the Krewe of Bacchus does. And Clark Brennan is a dick  about it.

Impromptu interview with Jackson Square performer, “Peter”

AHCA passes the House. What now? Punt?

SOSO (1:30:00 to end)

Varg reviews the S-Town Podcast.

Jeff goes to Jazzfest

Alli goes to a bunch of protests and marches and stuff, visits Paradigm Gardens, and checks out the latest “Fake News” at New Movement.


Recipe Minute! (Barbecue Shrimp)

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