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144: Going Natural With Your Weed Killer

Clean Green Talk Show | Green Living | Clean Living | Organic | All-Natural Food | Organizing
Released on May 16, 2017

Going natural with your weed killer

In this podcast we are going to talk about some tips that block the weed seeds as well as make up a DIY weed killer.

Here are some tips on preventing weeds in your yard: 

  • Let your grass grow longer – prevents the seeds from getting to the dirt and germinating.
  • Use landscaping fabric or newspaper to block the seeds
  • Try pine bark mulch to stop those seeds. Use a good two inches of mulch to prevent the weeds.

Here are some tips on weed removal:

  • PULL THEM – It’s old fashioned but it does work! Buy a nice weed puller to help with the chore.
  • Boiling water – Use a pot of boiling water on the weeds.
  • DIY Weed Killer If you'd like a copy of my DIY weed killer, just click here and I'll give you a downloadable PDF with some tips and the recipe!



Other things you can try

Lemon juice – Lemon Juice is also a natural acid, just like vinegar and will work to kill weeds if sprayed on them. I don’t use lemon juice in my recipe as it’s much more expensive and vinegar is cheaper and you get much more for the same price.

Rubbing alcohol – Alcohol will work to burn the weeds too. You could add a ½ to the recipe if you like.

Corn Meal – Corn Meal works like the salt to pull the water out of the weed. It also works to suffocate it from the sun and the air. I’m not going to recommend it as it will leave your garden covered in a white powder and will need to be mulched into the soil.

Torching – This is a convenient way to remove weeds from a patio or drive way with cracks or seams. It doesn’t kill the root system. You could start with a torch to kill the weed and add the vinegar mixture afterward to kill the root system.


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