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Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast Personalized Printing 1 or 1001 with Mike Schnitzius 174

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast
Released on May 18, 2017 Personalized Printing 1 or 1001 with Mike Schnitzius 174 is a simple done-for-you follow-up system

Are you fed up with all those emails? Guess what so are your customers and potential clients.

Would you like an alternative to all that white noise going on in  your email box,

With Mike Schnitzius from www.mailshakes .com there is another alternative.

Weather you have one personalized mailing or 1001 personalized mailings to go out at the same time Mike and his team can help you make   those mailings simple mailings,

Mike will even help you design what your needs.

Why not make you customer or the people you have just met feel important.

You know an email is not going to accomplish making any one feel important.

 Mail shakes will even help you separate you from your competition by helping you wow them.

Go to and check out the site and see how simple it is to get personalized mailing into the hands or you best customers and your best potential clients.

Mail shakes has  an easy to use subscriptions 3 different levels to best fit your needs .

There is the One Man Show, the Mom and Pop and the Big business levels really designed to meet your need and best thing there is no contract you can change levels whenever you need to use more. So your not penalized for switching it up.


Go check out  to make your life simpler and wow your customers all at the same time.

You can also contact Mike

And you can r

reach Mike by phone also 610-269-4720