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Episode 32: Music Trivia

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 05/22/2017

Who is the mystery member of New Edition? Varg can name all but one of them. See if you can get the answer before he does as you listen. No cheating.  Get ready also for a lot more “Record Store Guy” talk in this one as we follow up on Chris Cornell’s suicide by being, in turns, banal and profound for about fifteen minutes or so before we can finally move on with things. To make up for it, we have Pat come out and play some live in studio covers for us later.

Segment One: (about an hour)

Louisiana Legislative follies including John Bel’s tour of the LSU Middleton Library, the imminent budget failure, and the possibility of a constitutional convention.  Meanwhile, Shreveport State Rep. Thomas Carmody is being a “jamoke” about the monuments.  Not that New Orleans State Rep. Neil Abramson is going to do anything about it.  Also, Winnsboro State Rep. Steve Pylant want to kill more people faster.

Breaking news about the final toppling party. (We’re recording the night before Lee comes down.)  What’s the next move for #TakeEmDown? Jeff and Alli talk about participating in the last big march on the Lee Monument.  Alli gets trolled by David Duke. Meanwhile Roger Ailes is dead and was gross.

Incidental music by Engineer Pat


Lance goes to Blaze Pizza and is intimidated by it. He also tries in vain to play roll-a-day, listens to some Phil Collins, and observes Mother’s Day.

Alli’s parents stay at the Ace Hotel. They all visit the World War II Museum and have dinner at Peche.  Alli shares a grilled fish en papiotte recipe. Also she participated in  a protest march against Leon Cannizzaro’s management of the DA’s office. He and his aides and political allies seem to be very Not Mad about it.

Jeff boiled a bunch of crawfish.

Open pitch to the mayor to appear on the show.

Bonus taco recipe.

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And that’s it (two hours ought to be enough.)  

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