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The Dependent Independent Podcast

059 : The Universe Is Telling Us Something

The Dependent Independent Podcast
Released on Jun 6, 2017

Back from the dead, or at least back since Episode 50, Nick G. hangs with his pal Dewey in the studio to talk about what you say to the Universe when the Universe speaks first. You may wrestle with the voices in your head but they are not quite as powerful as the message of the universe. Only if you choose to listen. 

Not that Tim Ferris needs any promoting, but this episode's "Are You Listening?" segment goes to the Tim Ferris Show podcast. Tim is a self-experimenter and a best selling author so you should check him out. Since jumping into podcasts, he is Dewey's absolute favorite

The source of this episode's discussion listing the 6 ways the universe can speak to you at

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