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Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

112 Referrals Without Asking, Her First Year with Stacey Brown Randall 177 7

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast
Released on Jun 8, 2017



112 Referrals Without Asking, Her First Year with Stacey Brown Randall 177

She received 112 referrals her first year WITHOUT asking for them.

What would 112 referrals mean to your business this year. Stacey Brown Randall has cracked the code.

Do you love referrals but hate asking for them look no further?

Stacey Brown Randall has one mission for business owners you to help you avoid business failure.

  No matter where you’ve been in in your journey Stacey has walked your path.

Stacey has cracked the code for getting referrals. What would it be like to be able to have the option

To go out and give quotes on referrals as opposed to cold leads. The numbers don’t lie

Cold call leads you will close between 25 to 30 percent and if you have marketed and purchased those leads multiply that times 3 minimum for cost effect. So, 3 leads equal 1 sale. That not bad but its lots of work. Its money in your pocket.

Let’s look at the referral process you have a system like the one that Stacey has put together.

You don’t get 112 leads in your first year without a system, nothing successful happens by accident.

With your referral system, here is what happens when you get a referral.

  • You are given the referral buy a raving fan customer. Or a new potential customer calls as being referred.
  • Your customer has transferred them know, like and trust over to you their favorite person to do business with.
  • As a result of that transference of like, know and trust they have done the selling for you.
  • You go to the referrals home to give a quote and 8 out of 10 time they are going to do business with you.

How much did that potential customer cost you?

And in reality, you have had an increase of 55% of closing productivity.

Look at it this way in its simples forms

10 purchased leads, you close 3 @  200 per sale  = 600.00 sales

10 referral leads, close 8@200 per sale = 1600.00 sales

That’s a no brainer where you should spend your efforts,

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