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Why Self Massage Is Key When Treating Your Own Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Classroom

Release Date: 06/10/2017

Discover why advanced Massage Therapy techniques are the best way to treat your own Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow injury.

Learn about the most powerful self-massage methods to use from a professional Neuromuscular Therapist, who treats these injuries every day.

Here's a quote from the episode:

I truly believe Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques are the “Missing Link” when it comes to treating the true, underlying causes of Tennis Elbow…

And reversing that stubborn, vicious injury cycle that few things can touch. (Literally, few things TOUCH at ALL, except, possibly in the most superficial way.)

Because nothing else physically “get's into” the muscle and tendon “issues in the tissues,” at the root of the injury better...

Nothing else releases the tension and restrictions in your muscles and stimulates tendon healing like the right Massage Therapy methods can...

(Again, in my opinion, but based on a lot of experience.)

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The Best Tennis Elbow Self Massage Therapy Techniques

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