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Mindful Lawyering with Keith Werhan

Whole Body Mental Health Radio
Released on Mar 18, 2016
Keith Werhan holds the Ashton Phelps Chair in Constitutional Law at Tulane University Law School, and is a ‪‎yoga‬ instructor at Freret Street Yoga. He teaches and writes in the constitutional law area, with a special emphasis on the First Amendment freedoms of expression and of religion. At Tulane, Keith offers a regular yoga class to law students, and each semester, he co-teaches a class on ‪mindful lawyering‬. The class introduces students to ‪mindfulness‬ practices, with a special emphasis on seated ‪meditation‬, and helps to guide students toward cultivating a mindful approach to their legal studies and their lives as lawyers. At Freret Street Yoga, Keith offers a weekly class in ‪restorative yoga‬, as well as periodic series of classes for beginners. He also teaches traditional yoga classes. He has received special training in leading yoga classes for older practitioners.