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Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

The One Call Close with Kayvon episode 181

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast
Released on Jul 6, 2017


The One Call Close with Kayvon episode 181

Kayvon the one call closer for all who love sales you are going to love this weeks episode and for all who aren’t sure about the sales process you are going to walk away with a tone of take awaits.

Kayvon says stop selling and start closing. His question to you is “ Are You Frustrated By Constantly Losing Potential High Paying Clients Over The Phone”?


The One Call Closer System™” is built on a unique methodology specifically designed for high-value service providers who want a steady stream of high-ticket clients – those that pay $5000-$60,000+ each for your offers.

For many of us the phone weighs a thousand pounds which is an internal thing we can be our worst enemies.

Scrips will be your best friend one of your best systems.

Role playing will help you become the best you in the sales process. You will learn how to set your tone how to answer objections and how to become the professional.

When you are just starting out you need to be recording your calls and then listening so you can hear how you said it what you said and the questions they asked.

There is a huge difference between selling and closing, there are great sales people but fewer closers.

 Kayvon reiterates It’s the closers that make the big money.

Do you really want to take your business to another level ?

Then you need to contact Kayvon. Go to his website and check him out