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Episode 35: Beet the clock

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 07/14/2017

And now for something completely different. Really. We thought we’d change the format up a bit this time in order to 1) get the show down under an hour for once in our goddamn lives and 2).. Uh that’s about it.

Anyway, instead of the usual bits this time we just go around the table throwing out topics which we can only discuss for exactly two minutes or else Pat comes and hits us with an electrified pole he found somewhere in the French Quarter.  Since we surprised each other with the topics, we’ll let you discover by listening. Although.. here are a few news items referenced in discussion which may provide some hints.

NOLA.com: Have you seen a streetcar get into an accident?

Advocate: “Beet-red angry man” pulling out gun

NOLA.com: New Orleans road work could raise lead levels, officials warn

WWLTV: Torres “still processing” mayoral campaign

NOLA.com: Kristin Palmer to challenge Nadine Ramsey for New Orleans City Council

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