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Episode 1 - Day Trips With Your Kids While Keeping Your Sanity

snarkyhomeschoolmoms's podcast
Released on Jul 20, 2017

Listen in as Aurie and Marci share their tips for taking successful day trips with your kids and keeping your sanity at the same time!

0:35   After 7 years, Marci still can't say Aurie's name correctly.

3:00   Aurie live an hour from lots of cool stuff. Marci lives in the middle of corn.

4:00   Tips for planning daytrips

5:07   Aurie's daytrip game-changer

9:06   Utilizing online resources

10:49  Field Trip Journals

15:35  Packing for a day trip

16:40  All a girl really needs to carry is a cell phone, a credit card, and lip gloss.

16:44  Marci is addicted to lip gloss.

18:32  The Oops Bag! (brilliant idea!)

29:07  Wrap-Up