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PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain podcast

A PTSD Tip -- DO I have a life HACK for you!!!!!!!!!!

PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain podcast
Released on Jul 26, 2017




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PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain


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Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. 

Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn.  PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one.

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to check out our blog at, as well as Facebook and Twitter page.  With the right Self-Help tips, PTSD may be a worthy opponent but is no match for the title wave of information that is available to defeat it.