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Released on Jul 30, 2017

If you learn only one thing from ATARI BYTES episode 79, let it be this:  Bears who live in crystal castles, shouldn't throw magic gems.

Wait. That's not it.

Actually, throwing magic gems is exactly what you should do in this 1983 Atari port of the proto-3D arcade adventure game CRYSTAL CASTLES. I mean, how else is Bentley Bear going to defeat the evil witch Berthilda? With an earnest heart-to-heart over steaming lattes?*

*I'm totaling waiting for someone to make a steaming latte adventure homebrew game.

Why is Bentley the only bear for this job? Did Fozzie, Yogi and Smokey say no? Is crystal really the ideal building material for a castle? So many questions...

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at for creative commons use of his songs "Take a Chance," "Reformat" and "Pinball Spring".

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