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Going Deep with Aaron Watson

236 Barry Rabkin, Selling Drones, Building Brands, and Setting Progress Goals

Going Deep with Aaron Watson
Released on Aug 9, 2017

Barry Rabkin has over a decade of success founding, growing, and selling technology companies. An operational and strategic business leader, Barry's experience ranges from high growth, venture backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has also contributed to the development of over 100 successful physical and digital products.


Barry is proud to serve as Chief Marketing Officer of Identified Technologies, President of Hackers & Founders - PGH Chapter, Board Director of Jewish Family & Children's Services, He is also a guest Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Strategist at Barry Brands Consulting where he advises and invests in many of the region's fastest growing start-ups.


Barry’s Challenge; Write out your do list for the day and systematically eliminate everything getting in the way of your primary goal.


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